My first post

This is my first post.

I don't know how much I will end up using this blog, but hopefully I will be able to find something to vent about every now and again... Well, let's see...

So I guess the first thing I will write about should be the "why". i.e. Why I decided to create this site...

I wanted to expand my knowledge about .NET Core, and also try my hand at .NET development from GNU/Linux (using "Visual Studio Code").

When I think about CMS on .NET my mind immediately goes to Umbraco, as it is Danish and I have had good experiences with it in the (distant) past. However reading through their frontpage leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, I don't exactly know why, but it might just have started to smell a little... corporate... to me.

Furthermore my webhost claims to not support it, and looking at the code it appears to be regular .NET, not .NET Core, so I don't know if this could be the reason. In any case if it's not .NET Core I won't be having such a good time trying to build and deploy from GNU/Linux. (Barring the use of Mono and MonoDevelop obviously, which I have mixed feelings about, and I have no Idea if it would even work with my webhost)

But I digress...

So I decided to try out another Scandiwegian CMS, namely: Piranha CMS. It doesn't seem to be as feature-rich and definitely not as well established as Umbraco, but it is .NET Standard / .NET Core and it even allows me to work with Razor Pages, which I have also been looking to get into for a while.

Also, Piranha supports having multiple sites with their own set of pages. Which I don't think I've seen in a CMS before. So since my webhost allows me to point as many domains and subdomains, that I want to the site. I would be able to effortlessly set up a bunch of landing pages, or portfolio sites.